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1. Oxford QX XRF


2. Philips PW 1660 XRF Spare Parts


3. ARL 8480 XRF Spare Parts


4. ARL 8400 8600 XRF Spare Parts


5. Oxford MDX 1000 XRF


6. Rigaku 3100 XRF for sale


7. ARL 8680 XRF for sale


8. Cement Standards


9. Clay, Bauxite, Limestone, Flyash Standards


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11. Philips PW 1660 XRF


12. Haskris R100 - Motor

13. Edwards RV8 - Vacuum Pump

14. Edwards E21112 - Vacuum Pump

15. Alcatel 2008A - Vacuum Pump

16. Alcatel 2010 - Vacuum Pump

17. SRS 3000 gold mask sample cups


Sold - Haskris R175


Sold - Haskris R100


Sold - Skyray Pocket-III Handheld XRF


Sold - ARL 8410 XRF


Sold - Oxford MDX 1000 XRF


Sold - Thermo ARL 3460 OES


Sold - Thermo ARL 8480 XRF


Sold - Philips PW1480 XRF and Spare Parts


Sold - Rigaku Geigerflex XRD


Sold - ARL 74000 S XRF


Sold - Scintag XDS-2000 XRD


Sold - Kevex 770 XRF for sale


Sold - Philips PW1480 XRF parts only and sample changer


Sold - Oxford LabX 3000




Oxford QX XRF X-ray Florence Spectrometer 

Email for pricing: Interested:

Functional when deinstalled. Originally installed in late 1994. This would be ideal for any elemental analysis (10 fixed channels).  Elements: Ca, Si, Al, Fe, Mg, S. Na, K, Ti, Cl.  Lots of spare parts included second system (QX) see below, second computer (IBM 350-433DX computer), and container of assorted parts.

 Included -

A. Oxford QX  X-Ray S/N 11##, volts 220, 50/60 Hz, current 10 Amps - 1.5 KVA

            (Note: Was operating when shut down, but had a vacuum leak.)

B. ProTech Pentium computer

C. Software w/ discs Q181 182 183 MPAS V 4.4 DOS

D. View Sonic E70F 13 x 91/2" monitor 

E. Operating manual for QX

F. Spare parts a second Oxford QX spectrometer for spare parts with 2nd computer and other

Oxford QX XRF X-ray Florence Spectrometer Parts

Ca -Detector No Electronics

Fe -Detector Electronics

Na -Detector Complete

Si -Detector No Electronics

Mg -Detector No Electronics

Ti -Detector with Electonics Separate

Cl -Detector with Electronics

K -Detector with Electronics

S -Detector with Electornics

Al -Detector - Complete

More parts than shown here:


Philips PW1660 XRF

Email for pricing: Interested:

Philips PW1660 XRF X-ray Florence Spectrometer (Panalytical)

Functional when deinstalled. (8 fixed channels). Computer w/ software.

Included -

Philips PW1660 XRF X-ray Florence Spectrometer, volts 220, 60 Hz.

The 8 channels are Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, S, Na and K.

Software X40

The x-ray tube is low power 200 watt

Extra parts are available





Philips PW1660 XRF Spare Parts 

Email for pricing: Interested:

The Spare Parts came from a PW 1660 that was fully functional when deinstalled.


Vacuum pump

DI water level indicator

Vacuum Switch (2)

Sample piston lower onto cart assembly from secondary chamber

Sample piston raise from cart assembly into primary chamber

Vacuum switch primary and secondary

Vacuum pump

Relay under cart assembly model 120D3 3.32 VDC control

Herion 0117 24V 2,5w 65IP 100%ED

Piston Cylinder lift o MAT holds sample cart assembly up

Piston Air Marton Air RM/8025 25mm <-> 125mm < 10 bar ETRI

Crystal - 110.66

Crystal - 113.25 CA

Crystal - 144.90 Si

Crystal - 22.55 Mg Px1

Crystal - 136.85 K

Crystal - 57.52

Software version 4.01 x40 Y2K upgrade

Various O-rings Detectors

Various Electrical Componets (9)

Heater element

Mono - pw1662/13, AI 145.09 without Detector, 9 430 16 62131 DY 643

Mono - PW1662/11B 27.22 Na Px1 without Detector

1 Fan model 125XR bottom cool electronics

2 Fan chiller

3 Fan chiller

4 Fan chiller

5 Fan front cool electronics model 148 UK 148vk 0281030 208-240V 50/60HZ

ChillerH20 pump





ARL 8480 XRF Spare Parts


Email for individual pricing:

S700021 Electronics Card

S700019 Electronics Card

S701201 Electronics Card

S700020 Electronics Card

air filter pad

Pump maintenance kit

2 heat exchangers A-032414

box of fuses

air filter pad

ratemeter S-700781

Haskris pump

Varian tube cover

Software and Manual XRF 386 V3.2-1

Spare parts kit o-rings, screws, hose clamp, other

Pump maintenance kit 52611

Gauge 30-90 F, 80-0 PSI

2 semipack1 AD27793

ARL Glass Drift standards

15  sample holders

part A-027898

circuit board S-701333

circuit board P-3424

part 068460J

part S-700160

springs S-421314

detector 94853


ARL 8400 8600 XRF Spare Parts

Email for individual part pricing: Interested:


Parts for ARL 8410, ARL 8400, ARL 8600, ARL 8680, ARL 8420, ARL 8620, ARL 8460, ARL 8660, ARL 8480


(Fe) Iron Mono Complete Channel (monochromator)

(Ca) Calcium Mono Complete Channel (monochromator)

(Na) Sodium Mono Complete Channel (monochromator)

XRD Channel  (FCaO)

(S) Sulfur Mono Complete Channel (monochromator)

(Al) Aluminum Mono needs detector Channel (monochromator)

(Si) Silica Mono needs detector Channel (monochromator)

(Mg) Magnesium Mono needs detector Channel (monochromator)

(K) Potassium Mono Complete Channel (monochromator)

Goniometer scanning (5) Crystals: LiF200, PET 150, LiF220, 58.8, (3) colluminators: fine, medium, course, (2)

Detectors: flow P10 gas and sealed

Activated Alumina and chamber

S701005 Electronics card

Vacuum pressure gauge

Electronics and switch

HT adjust -  Amilcon

P10 Gas gauge and adjustment

P10 Gas sensors 2

P10 Gas sensor

S940070-1 S425524 P10 Gas Electronics card

Water temp sensors (6)

Vacuum sensor

Vacuum sensorb

Pressure sensor

Shutter motor


Pressure sensorb 

Pressure sensorc


S701548 Electronics Card

S701361 Electronics Card


Part #2

Spellman generator

S701446 Electronics Card

S700985(confirm)Electronics Card

S700985(confirm)Electronics Card

S700986(confirm)Electronics Card

S702110(confirm)Electronics Card

S701550(confirm)Electronics Card

S701551 Electronics Card

S701549(confirm)Electronics Card

S701567 Electronics Card

S701560 Electronics Card


Oxford MDX 1000 XRF

Email for pricing: Interested:

Oxford MDX 1000 XRF was operational when de installed. It has (6) WDS channels.  Elements include Na, Mg, S, Cl, and Ca all in working order.   Software MDX and configuration database and new computer is included. 


Manufacturer: Oxford

Type:   WDXRF

Model: MDX1000

Condition:       Good

Fixed Channels:          Na, Mg, S, Cl, K, Ca

X-ray Tube:     Rh




Rigaku 3100 XRF for sale

Email for pricing: Interested:

Rigaku 3100 XRF was in working order when deinstalled in 2012

New tube installed 2011

Gonio needs to have gears replaced

Needs 2 vacuum pumps

Manufacture date 1998

Comes with computer and software

New computer board for win 95

Sample changer with 150 cassettes


Currently in storage.  Any reasonable offer accepted if delivery by the end of the year.






Haskris R100 - Motor

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Vacuum Pumps

Edwards RV8

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Edwards E21112

Email for pricing: Interested:


Alcatel 2008A

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Alcatel 2010

Email for pricing: Interested:


SRS 3000 gold mask cups

Gold masks for Cups 32mm

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